Waffle Concept


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Waffle concept for your restaurant!

The package includes: waffle machine belgian double, sugar strands with taste, dessert sauce and powder for about 240 servings belgian waffle.

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Waffle concept for production of traditional and classic belgian waffles.

You want to enrich your guests with new and delicious products? This concept contains all the additional products you need to make Belgian waffles. Start now with Fine Waffles!   The concept includes the following products:
  • 1x waffle machine belgian
  • 20kg waffle finished dough mixture
  • 1kg sugar strands with fruitmix taste
  • 1kg sugar strands with chocolate taste
  • 1kg chocolate dessertsauce
  • 1kg strawberry dessertsauce
  • 1kg caramel dessertsauce



width 310 mm
depth 400 mm
height 280 mm


number of waffles 2
size of waffles 165 x 100 mm

Connected Wattage

power 2000 watt
tension 220V/50Hz


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